Thursday, May 10, 2007

new bathroom >> well nearly

isn't funny builders & plumbers acquire names like steve, bob, and dave and also have at least 4 spoons of sugar in the tea, rarely coffee, read 'the sun' of 'the mirror', 'the mail' (that was hard to type, I have a problem with the paper, that's a different story) when the want an intellectual view!!
it is with apology that I have not included the fact that there are women builder/plumbers I haven't been able to find one locally, believe me I have tried they are probably happily working all the time.
male plumbers in my area of the country are few and far between so are also impossible to pin down to a day or a date. something always happens to the van or it will have to be next week.

I am only making these largely unfounded claims (or perhaps not) as since january this year the builder/plumber has be evading us. he eventually arrived on tuesday to say that he would be starting today thursday. so he reasonable asked that we strip the bathroom of all the old fitting and tiles, as you can see in the grainy picture. living up to archetype guess what he didn't turn up and now wont be here until next week. so we now have a bathroom with out being able to use properly.

I fully realise in context it is hardly a hardship as more people in the world don't even have access to clean drinking water than do. but it just that if we as designers or creative people in what ever field took months to turn up we would never be employed.

if he arrives next week as now planned I wont say anything or complain instead probably just welcome him in with the offer of a sugary cup of tea! probably whilst I smugly hide behind the guardian, I feel embarrassed now.

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