Monday, March 30, 2009

so pleased for gabi, ecuador world junior surf comp.

If you have read this blog for a while you will know that I am involved with surf and surfing. today I spent one of the most stressful 20 mins for a while watching the scores coming through from the world junior surfing championships. gabi rowe a surfer local to me (SE Cornwall) and the daughter of friends of mine is competing in the girls under 18 in the surf in ecuador. sitting amongst her friends and her mum we waited for her first round heat to finish. great news for gabi was that she made in through the first round for team GB.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

time for fashion

goodness me, I have be away from blog land for much longer than I ever have, seems my days are filled with meeting and planning then some driving followed by the same.
though this time last week was the full dress rehearsal of the fashion experience. something that had been in the planning for some 6 or more months. for 26 minutes the following night the show for real time pretty much stopped for a moment. a great result a great show and I am really happy to have been part of it. things could have been improved but given the spend we had and the venue has to be said it was up there. so to bigger and better or perhaps the same size and better.
earlier in the week I was lucky enough to send some time at twofour productions. what a great place, especially for he SW (UK). if for nothing else the way the staff seem to be, happy, industrious friendly and seemly open great to see a creative industry company producing work that they are proud of an want to talk about. rather than hie it away in case you steal their ideas as some sector professional have been in years passed. have to say they certainly appeared to me to be a great company to work for, (and no I am not trying to get a job their the meeting was for a different reason).

Wednesday, March 11, 2009


I know we all think we are busy I am no different. just got back home in cornwall from a meeting in bristol, it has been a long day. have to say what little I saw of bristol today was quite inspiring as was a small section of the meeting today which was a surprise.
I realise now that for so many reasons I should perhaps have gone by train but I never really considered it as I am so used to driving everywhere these days.

Wednesday, March 04, 2009

wish I had this!

I have been around and about and sorry I have been more quiet that of late.
as usual trying to do more than sensible so I have reined in again this week mainly because I seem to have a bit of 'man flu' currently and am at home today. (thanks for the link beachUUbum)
that said I am still am managing to get involved with stuff and organise things without the
usual distractions from here. but have had to give up any thought of going to today's lecture/evening at university. a disappointment but still better in the long run. will be back fit and well tomorrow hopefully no doubt for a long day/evening, so I am looking for some of the below.