Monday, September 28, 2009

new glasses

I always take ages choosing glasses, luckily (well for my wife, it drives her crazy) I don't do it very often. they have to be just right as I am fussy. I actually like glasses, I have never tried contact lenses but don't like the idea.
yesterday I got a new pair (raybans), I had already decided on the frames from looking through hundreds online, so cutting the search in real time down a lot. I also went to somewhere where they make them for in an hour, bit expensive but still. I now have to get used to wearing them as they are varifocals so I will have to see (pardon the pun) how I get on with them.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

new things

I was at the other creative and media delivery centre within the learning partnership I work in giving a talk on using a sony HDV camera. I always look round in new places and I happened to see the iMacs in view behind the students balanced on the window ledges.

it's part of a new building called 'the chill'. there is something about the building that makes me relax the open space and the view from all areas seems to encourage listening. I will find out soon as I will hopefully be able to spend more time there over the coming months.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

washing line again

it must be the time of year. I was taking photos of my son and his new room when the sight of the washing in the sunshine caught my eye had to re-visit and improve the image from before so here is another. to see pictures of the new room visit davidgeorge.tumblr

Thursday, September 17, 2009


the picture above taken today is one that I was using to show ways of using adobe CS4 with some creative and media students.
it is only tonight while I was looking at the images that I was using that I realised just how much I have been influenced by the orange advertising campaign, probably some 8 years ago now perhaps more.

the thing is I am getting fed up with them (orange, not the students) at the moment as they have, while charging me more money, cut my broadband connection speed at home as I have supposedly exceeded their 'unlimited' download limit. I use a 20 megabit connection at work all day which is provided by BT which is more than fine.

orange provide my broadband at home. I do work during the evening as well when and the 6 megabit I was getting was ok (even though I am paying for 8 megabit). tonight and for the last month or more I am getting 0.415 it is a bit silly. really hard to work on anything web based.

Tuesday, September 01, 2009

surfing weekend

3 days of surfing, not much more to be said! me and moby walking up from the surf!