Monday, April 12, 2010

beach memories

I spent yesterday afternoon on the beach with my sister her partner, her son (11) and my youngest son (11). it is strange isn't it when you are in a place that is very familiar and yet new. the beach in question was a place we visited a lot when we were children in the 1970's. I now live about 7 minutes walk away. we have had family in the area for many, many years.

For all sorts of reasons the place made a huge impact on me when I was a child (around age 11).
I made it my home (permanently about 15 years ago) after time in sussex (brighton), hampshire, france, london. my sister still lives in the area we went to school, sussex. I have the feeling that she will also move down sometime in the future.

it was a lovely day the sun was warm sitting on the beach brought back many memories of days past. our children were happy to play on the beach together mixing the new (to them) with the familiar (to us).

both photos were taken 11/04/2010

Saturday, April 03, 2010

again I post

things have been a bit busy in the world I spent my time so once again I hope to get back to post properly.

I am involved in a few exciting projects (via denzil & RIO), eliot / eliot, tom, jane and others that I could never have imagined happening a few years ago, yet the student I work with consider it pretty normal.
just goes to show just how far the current 14-19 year old is firmly in the world of digital media.

Will get back soon with more.