Wednesday, October 05, 2011


I really like this photo.

I found it last night when I was at my aunt's house. my aunt died in the summer and as her next of kin I am the sole executer of her will so I have organised the sale of her house amongst many other things as you do in these circumstances.

I was there last night with the boss of a specialist house clearance company (the new owners move in on monday). he was explaining to me how as much of the contents are recycled and that he would give me some money for the victorian writing desk (I would have liked to have taken home but I know it would only have gone in my garage and probably never have been used) as well as other bits and pieces. none of which is relevant as I am carrying out my late aunts wishes to the letter. all the money from the sale of the house is going to the charities and organisations she believed in. she never married and had no children.

I noticed the photo on the floor in her front room as thing were being moved it must have fallen out of an album and never been put back.
I recognised it straight away as the girl in the centre is my older sister and the little boy on the right is me (aged 6). I think it was taken in summer 1967 at lancing beach, west sussex. I remember the day it was taken and the fact that I had bought the plastic ring I am holding with money I had saved. it was blue and had boats on it.

it is a happy photo.