Thursday, September 17, 2009


the picture above taken today is one that I was using to show ways of using adobe CS4 with some creative and media students.
it is only tonight while I was looking at the images that I was using that I realised just how much I have been influenced by the orange advertising campaign, probably some 8 years ago now perhaps more.

the thing is I am getting fed up with them (orange, not the students) at the moment as they have, while charging me more money, cut my broadband connection speed at home as I have supposedly exceeded their 'unlimited' download limit. I use a 20 megabit connection at work all day which is provided by BT which is more than fine.

orange provide my broadband at home. I do work during the evening as well when and the 6 megabit I was getting was ok (even though I am paying for 8 megabit). tonight and for the last month or more I am getting 0.415 it is a bit silly. really hard to work on anything web based.

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