Wednesday, May 09, 2007

you can't live on a view?

I think I am really lucky the picture below (taken 10 minutes ago) is the view from the window that I have my currently incredibly messy desk next to. I think it is one of the best views in the whole area, the weather in not too good today and the light is very flat. on a clear sunny day I can see the sea, the harbour mouth and the fishing boats in the bay.

I had a good friend, I only met her as an elderly lady. I visited regularly in her later years both in her home and in the old peoples home she eventually had to move to. she was a wonderful font of information I remember her telling me that she saw the council putting up the first set of traffic lights in cornwall and people drove miles just to see them. as well as passing her driving test in 1939 after already been driving for a few years, as she told me the driving test wasn't compulsory then?!

her room over looked a fantastic view not unlike the one on this page, except hers was more dramatic, as the sea was closer, the cliff edges of south cornwall were clearly viable the only disruption to the view were livestock in the fields. I used to gaze out of the window happily always looking for something new, very often finding it. I always enjoyed the visits to listen to her stories whilst watching the place where the land and the sea meet.

something she said has stayed with me for the years since she passed away, however much I enjoyed looking out through her picture window, she always said to me, 'you can't live on a view, it is people that matter'.
I think she was probably right.

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