Friday, May 11, 2007

morrissey >> eurovision

just looking through the guardian unlimited site I found a lovely a bit of well for want of a better word 'gossip' something that I am not normally drawn to. but as because morrisey was involved I read it.
the article suggests that morrisey actually wrote the UK's entry to this year euro-vision song contest.

please let me explain that my interest was in the morrisey angle as I though I always seem to end up watching the voting because I find it funny how seriously some countries take it, I am not a euro-vision fan. I am a morrisey fan for sure.
to think however morrisey wrote the scooch euro-song well it was a surprise as it is so shockingly bad! the campness of the performance is less surprising, as in his prime morrisey was happily in touch with his feminine side. all that said I hope the rumours are true and he did write it just adds to the enigma.

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