Monday, July 28, 2008

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it has been a good weekend in cornwall. not just as there was a bit of swell, and a lot of sunshine. it was great to be part of the surf relief uk fundraising surf competition and festival at watergate bay sponsored by 'the white stuff'. we got there really early to ensure a parking space. I got a short surf in before the crowds and managed to snag myself a couple of good waves on the pushing tide as well as being a stand in surf coach for (south cornwall's) gabi rowe who was competing / finishing with a very credible 3rd place. I am proud of you gabi.
I was also able to see my youngest son ben get some excellent one to one surfing tips (and some waves), from pro-instructor andy joyce. so pleased with ben can see a future of many more days at the beach. we even ended up being interviewed for westcountry TV, with ben explaining how cool it was to be surfing, and me just being impressed at how much he learnt in such a sort time.

surf relief UK (SRUK), formed in january 2005 to help co-ordinate the UK surfing communities’ response to the asian tsunami of boxing day 2004. check their web site to see al the stuff that they are doing for children and surfers all over the world.

we stayed late in to the night to see 90's band (still producing new music) stereo mc's and whilst they are not a band on the top of my most listened to on my ipod in fact they are not even on it. for the event, the sunset and the festival goers they were very good indeed. 

had to add this picture emailed to me from dave read of russell winter (ex-wct competitor) winner of the main event. picture: jason feast / UKPSA

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