Monday, July 07, 2008

local surfing >> south east cornwall

I could not let this week go by without mentioning the very exciting news that local surfer and daughter of a work colleague of mine; gabi rowe won the newquay leg of the girls quiksilver king of the groms (surfing competition), at fistral beach yesterday. for more info and find the other results check the bbc surfing pages. I am really pleased with this result not just because I know gabi and her family or that she lives near where I call home, but because she is one of a growing number of surfers based on the south cornish coast who are challenging and sometimes matching the largely newquay centric uk surfing world. the north coast of cornwall does get (better) well I prefer to call it more consistent waves, but the south creates a particular kind of surfer who for the most part never takes the supply of waves for granted, and will surf in conditions that others would over look. well done gabi.

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