Friday, July 04, 2008

summer in cornwall, surf, music and weekend surfers

I love watching the weather, especially if it is to do with surf forecasting in my home area cornwall. I have just taken added pictures from the bbc weather forecast pages for 1.00pm tomorrow (saturday 5th 0f july) not that the day has any significance other than it's a weekend in the cornish summer when the SW is already full of tourists and weekend surfers. trouble is the wind will be strong the rain will be plentiful and the air temperature lower than it has been all week. but there will be surf and some seriously good surf for those who bother to search it out. oh yes and jack johnson is playing two nights at watergate bay (nr. newquay). me I am set to spend the weekend under a deluge of course work that has to be moderated by next week, why do I always leave things until the last minute.

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