Friday, July 25, 2008

a short long day >>

it has been a funny day. a day that I had purposely set aside to do very little. yesterday was a busy (even an emotional day) as a couple of people I have worked with for many years left for pastures new. it was also the day when I managed to get myself a new (additional) role in creative and media education. all I really did today was play with my new blackberry (delivered this morning) so far it is an improvement on my previous blackberry (now given to my eldest son). trouble is now that I am even more easily contacted which is a good thing for the most part except for those annoying calls from amongst others the alliance & leicester (that's a whole different story) but their customer service personal are not my favourite people at the moment. I watched the tour de france on the TV. tomorrow I am off to the beach things are not bad at the moment, just re-grouping a bit.

as another moan I am really fed up with the way apple have dealt with the non-working battery for my less than six month old macbook. it seems that through the couple of different agents involved in sourcing a whole bunch of apple computers at work are all blaming each other and refusing to accept responsibility for the 'care' so in short I have just gone ahead and ordered and paid for a new battery direct, in the hope that I will get it refunded. such a shame that a great piece of very necessary kit currently can only be used plugged in to the mains. oh well there are plenty of more important things to get worried about than a battery. I am rather tired and rambling a bit too much i'll stop.

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