Friday, January 18, 2008

friday again >> time >> hergest ridge

I can't remember a week going by this quickly and yet as I have talked about before on this blog individual parts of the day seem to pass by at different speeds, time shifting (1), I think it is fascinating.
I am steering clear of the shape shifting scenario, though the celtic ideas are interesting.
to be able to dwell on a momentary thought is something that I have always strived to be able to do.

cover design photography by trevor key

which brings me to 'hergest ridge' & mike oldfield. in the middle years of teenage hood I really believed that I would be a famous musician. so much so I used to practice guitar long in to the night most days, I was lucky enough to meet the engineer tom newman who worked with mike oldfield on both albums. even recording guitar layers for a piece of music called travelling with mr newman, thought it was never released (to long a story).

mike oldfield had already released and had world wide success with tubular bells when this second album 'hergest ridge' was released.
I recently added hergest ridge to my mp3 player and have found my self listening to it over the last few days quite a lot. musical wallpaper perhaps? but good quality wallpaper none the less. probably rushed I like it better than tubular bells for me. the records were released in 1973 & 1974 respectively and to be still thinking about them perhaps time isn't moving that fast after all.

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