Friday, December 07, 2007

it has been one of those weeks > eels>> mark everett

I have only just realised that it is yet again the end of the week, I have had a strange one. un-believing as I am of time shifting (1).
I struggle to understand how some days seem to pass so much quicker than others. even within that day certain sections seem to pass faster and slower than other sections.
I realise that whilst doing something very interesting we often become so involved in it that time goes by without us noticing.

I have been thinking a lot this week about an article I read last weekend about the singer of the band eels, Mark Oliver Everett (mr. e) and his search for the facts/reasons behind the work of his late father hugh everett the unrecognised genius who developed the theory of parallel universes.
unfortunately I missed the bbc 4 programme parallel worlds, parallel lives that also looked closely at this. due to my of version of the other time shifting (2) my dvd recorder is broken. it is now left in my hall way waiting to be given to a friend at work who wants to use a motor from it for something but I keep forgetting to take it in.


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