Monday, November 19, 2007

we get it wrong sometimes >>

I run a surf forecasting website surf98 for cornwall & the south coast of the UK. we have been forecasting for more than 10 years and for the most part have got it right. except for this past weekend.
I live near the beach and was well as using the various swell forecasting computer models, I normally look at the beach & sea most days. for some reason I didn't check the ocean this past sunday.
the shame is that I go surfing as well and by me not looking at the ocean instead watching the rain and then watching ben play rugby in the rain we came home missing some very good south coast surf.

I am normally obsessive about the forecast especially the local forecast area (plymouth), and I am not afraid to admit that I got it wrong it is just hard to think that I relied on just the computer models and didn't check the surf in real time.

after that mistake, I am pleased to have learnt from it and will hopefully never simply use computer models again. I love the shipping forecast and will be listening to it on radio 4 tonight before I go to sleep.

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