Thursday, November 29, 2007

education >> interesting views about learning in the USA

I am a regular reader of lifejotter, the blog makes me think and I couldn't ignore their post on 'bending reality in the classroom' (in the USA).

it is a very interesting post (especially to me as teacher). I have to say on the whole I agree with the sentiment, but really believe the system as we work it in the UK (though I can only speak of the area I work within) addresses the major points the post makes.
all that said we are far from meeting the needs of the learner and constantly evaluate the way we have to understand the way people on this new age of technology learn.
it is something that has to be thought about and acted upon as the needs of the learner are constantly changing and someone who appears to be computer literate does not necessarily able to learn in a formal way and therefore their learning is not extended.

it is a bit like giving a student a very good pc/mac and expect them to be able to write or understand and fundamentals vital for their future. have a look at lifejotters blog and see what you think

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