Friday, November 30, 2007

its building this time >> poundbury & more

I was having a look at new building/architecture thinking particularly about the strange concept of poundbury in dorset. I have an interest in that area as various family members both close and distant have lived, some living in and around the dorchester area for the last few hundred years, and probably even further back than that.

I often stop in poundbury when driving between my home in cornwall and my parents home in sussex. I used to like the idea of poundbury but recently it has become rather different as it grows, changing rather awkwardly in to any new town but still appears to pretend to be something much better almost like a film set, (just my opinion).
check poundbury tv.

however for some reason whilst looking at poundbury I clicked a link that took be to the blog 'housebuilders update'. a blog run by housebuilder's bible author mark brinkley, author and planning permission expert Ken Dijksman, & green building specialist Tim Pullen. housebuilder's update is a free service designed to provide information for housebuilders and self-builders.

I particularly liked their post on terminal 5 at heathrow airport, good stuff.

just in case you thought I had put the cheesy effects on the pictures. I didn't it was how there were on the poundbury web site.


Richard Madeley said...

I agree with you. In theory, Poundbury should be an example to all. Yet, somehow, it all feels a bit Stepford Wives. Like lots of these property schemes that try to create a sense of community, the thing they create isn't quite like real life.

surf98/dgeorge said...

Nice to see you here Mr Madeley, or can I call you Richard.
Poundberry seemed like such a good idea, but sadly as so many 'good ideas' has become something that it might have wished it wasn't.