Wednesday, November 28, 2007

wave forecasts >> websites >> exciting!?!

all this week people involved surfing here down in the south west have been getting excited at the swell coming through from the atlantic ocean looking to reach our shore over the weekend.
swell is predicted using advanced computer models based on the wave/weather buoys anchored offshore. it makes a fantastic image regardless of the real function of the chart.

whatever actually happens this weekend (I think is will be a couple of very stormy wet blown-out days in all but the very sheltered spots, where it could be special) the better forecast sites like magic seaweed have been creating a feel good factor amongst the surf addicted students and staff and population in the area I live. it seems that it is all people are talking about.


Mee mOe said...

its pretty cool that they can analyze have a nice site.

surf98/dgeorge said...

thanks for the comment mee moe, good to see you here. very best wishes david george.