Tuesday, September 04, 2007

man bags >> & the uk

I seem to always be looking for the ultimate bag some thing that I can walk around shopping with, use for work and be able fit a laptop in. I have good duffs bag (below), as well as go to the beach with.

as you can imagine I have loads of different bags, messenger bags, rucksacks with 2 straps and with one strap.
but I also want a 'man bag' just to carry a phone and stuff (car keys, wallet, that sort of thing).
in mainland europe it is not unusual for men to have handbag style bags that accommodate all the stuff you need to go out with, the same bag in the uk seems to make me look incredibly camp! perhaps it's just me!!

anyway I found a great bag today made by eastpak smaller than a messenger bag but big enough to hold 'lots of stuff'. I wonder how long I will use it for?

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