Wednesday, September 05, 2007

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Ticket to Ride a World record breaking wave in England? (written by will hayler)

With the sun shining and the summer surf trying, all was about to change on Polzeath beach on Sunday 2 September. Ticket to Ride ‘Worldwide Surfing Adventures’ working alongside Surf Up Surf school “the UK’s leading surf school” set about the final preparations to bring home a World Surfing Record to English Shores by breaking the world record for the most amount of surfers riding the same wave at the same time.

England has always had a record breaking history, however this record attempt was different, not only because of its nature but also because the same attempt would be taking place in 7 other countries across the world as part of an event called Earthwave ‘the global surfing challenge.’

“Nothing like this has ever been done before in England, and we are really pleased to bring surfing in England onto a world stage” said Linley Lewis (Co founder of Ticket to Ride).

Even with Mother Nature not in full support English spirits were reassuringly high; after all a world record attempt in surfing happening in England was something to get excited about. As the clouds rolled across the skyline, a sure sign that Summer, as we’ve tried to call it, was now swiftly departing. Final instructions were given and out they went to take it on.

With over 120 surfers taking part, money was raised to aid Surfers Against Sewage for their research into how global warming is affecting the environment and ultimately the waves we ride, it was clear that this day would be producing winners all the way through even if surfing conditions would make the world record officially standing at 43 hard beat.

Waves were ridden, cheers were loud, the question is, did we take the record? Having watched the video footage through, the finest attempt came on the lucky third wave, carrying 31 triumphant surfers all the way to beach.

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