Thursday, September 20, 2007

half pipe >> in my garden

when I first started skateboarding in the early 70's as a teenager I never for one moment thought that now in my 40's that I would still be wanting to skate, I have even asked by son if he can source me some bits for a new skateboard!
of course my recreation/lifestyle of choice is surfing but skating is close, really because it is not so reliant on the weather. (though skateboarding in the rain isn't much fun).

I always said to myself when I get a house I will build a half pipe in the garden. I have a house but no half pipe. apart from the price I am sure my neighbours wouldn't like it, it would be a magnet for skaters to break into and skate at all times of the night so it isn't going to happen.

however some people have done it. the pictures below are of half pipes built in gardens one in scarborough, north yorkshire and one in brighton, sussex. I say good luck to them I wish I had the courage to do it.


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good blog thing, i helped my next door neighbour build a half-pipe/mini ramp in his garden....bit worse for wear now as has been neglected for 18 months!!

Anonymous said...

I would use it if I had a half pipe in my garden, it would be such a good de-stresser after a hard days work.