Wednesday, September 19, 2007

candyjar >> & I don't want an iphone

I was having a look round cyber-land when I came across this blog dave ward (candy jar). as you may know I work a lot with adobe illustrator and to a much lesser extent adobe photoshop with the work I do with students and the web design work I do for educational stuff. the blog has got some pretty good help and information on both illustrator and photoshop short cuts, so could be very useful for some.

I am currently working on another major web re-design where some of the work can only be done on illustrator (well I cannot find anything that is better) but the strange thing is that all the work for is being done is on pc (well on a reasonably powerful pc laptop).
it does all the things I need I would prefer to use a macbook pro but it is not the cost but simply that the network at work is microsoft driven (oh well) so to use a mac would be difficult.

so I am not at all anti mac (or apple) but having said that I don't want an iphone, having found a phone that suits me just fine. so I will be staying with the blackberry I have on orange.

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Dave Ward said...

Glad you like the site.
Thank you for the mention!