Friday, August 03, 2007

pedantic me? >> land rover clock

as you will know if you read this blog I have recently changed cars. the new (second hand) one I got had a clock radio/cd display unit that never worked properly. when I was buying the car I didn't think would bother me as all the units works just the display that didn't. but as each day passed it started to be a real problem and I could stop thinking about it. so I got in touch with land rover and was quoted a stupid amount of money for the replacement part.
carol suggested e-bay I have used it a bit over the years but have always had contempt for it. even though carol got me some fantastic climbing shoes that are still fantastic two years later. well sure enough a display unit came up and I bid for it, and won it (I have always thought that is such a clever way of saying you have to pay). then a week or so went past and problems with pay-pal and stuff and I started to doubt e-bay again.
then this morning it arrived and I fitted it and it works even does more than I thought (news, traffic info and some other stuff) and all in all it cost me a quarter of the price.
so today I am happy with the world. though a little unsure whether it is a good or bad thing if a working in car display unit can make me happy?

oh yes, I have found a great place for my dog rusty to spend some time while we are in france. up on bodmin moor in a highly recommended kennels.

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