Monday, August 06, 2007

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some of you will know that I have been involved in surfing for years and years first as a lifeguard then for a short time a competitor, more recently a contest judge, as well as a surf writer for Go2 magazine and the owner of surf98.

so one way or another I have be around the surf scene in the UK for more than 35 years. we have just had a really good weekend (for summer) as you can see from the first couple of photos, but today monday (last picture) the rip curl boardmasters contest started, a 5-star contest for both men and women and the surf went to mush. I always want to apologise to the visiting surfers who come to compete as we do get great waves just not very often in august. but if you read the rip curl contest website it seems as though the waves are fine.

that is summer in cornwall not the most constant surf, that is why we are off to france in a couple of days.

picture credits (moby & 'the wilkin')

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