Thursday, August 02, 2007

dogs >> !?

dogs a strange subject for a post even for me but still. you will either have stopped reading by now as dogs are just not your thing, fair enough I have no problem with that. I like them.
you will know about sammy the surf dog, (he has rather a good clothing range as well as a good surf report for the outer banks of north carolina).
I have kept a little quiet in this blog about my dog rusty (named after the legendary surfer/shaper rusty preisendorfer).

anyway today was spend chasing around trying to find someone to have rusty for a few weeks while we go away as well as taking him to the vets to have his yearly booster injection. haven't got it a place for him sorted yet but close.
we were going to take him to france but he doesn't like extreme heat being a true cornish (west country) dog. a parson terrier, not to be confused with a jack russell terrier. a parson is longer legged, faster and recognised by the kennel club of great britain as a breed.
he likes it best when the wind is blowing hard and the temperature is just above freezing and he has the beach/moors to himself to just run. so the cornish autumn suits us both good waves and warm water but a lower air temperature and nearly always windy.


Sammy the Surf Dog said...

I like ur dog he looks nice...

Anonymous said...

Thanks Sammy, perhaps we could meet up for a play in the waves while the people are surfing!