Wednesday, June 13, 2007

surf nation >> alex wade

about a month ago I remember reading about alex wade who I have heard of within cornish surfing and seen the name on articles in the british press but I was introduced to his blog through paula who as some of you know is based in north carolina, USA.
paula runs a cool blog herself queen of the surf pirates and daily surf check for the outer banks area, small world!

if you haven't checked it I recommend you have a look at alex's blog surf nation, as well as looking out for his new book surf nation (in search of the fast lefts and hollow rights of britain and ireland alex wade), published in the uk in early july.


Paula the Surf Mom said...

Alex is one of the best write in blogdom... I wish we had someone like him writing about the surf scene in the States

Paula the Surf Mom said...

unlike me... that should say writers in blogdom

Anonymous said...

I agree

surf98/dgeorge said...

hi paula
yes alex is a good guy