Thursday, June 14, 2007

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I while ago I ran a very short project with some year 9 students where they had to choose any object from a pile of prepared cuttings and images as well as toys and other small items the only had only 10 minutes to create a grouping before I took a photo to create a picture these are just two of the results.

They were not given any theme or title to work to, only shown some of peter blakes work, and the idea of creating something from popular images were shown.

the students really enjoyed the experience. I could see that it completely broke down the barriers to being creative. as their thoughts were based around having fun, making something that they liked, from things that were popular and provided. these are just a couple of the results picked at random.


davidthedesigner said...

This blog's moving in the right direction again - good to see it. And the next time you tell your students about Peter Blake, make sure you also tell them about one of his students at the RCA, Ian Dury - and his song 'Peter the Painter'* ( ).

*Hence 'David the Designer'.

surf98/dgeorge said...

many thanks david, I feel I am moving back on track again.
I did mention Ian Drury. Though I failed to mention 'Peter the Painter'.
They thought I was old when I told them that Peter Blake had also created the cover for 'Stop the Clocks' the Oasis best of CD! Aparently that is what their parents listen to!

The good thing was they all had heard of and liked the Sgt. Peppers album and thought it was still, in there words 'hellava cool!'

davidthedesigner said...

Well, I don't blame them for dismissing Oasis. Worst act I've ever seen play live (and, believe me, I've seen a lot).

The Artfinder said...

I never cease to be amazed at the range and scope of work that Peter Blake has produced, and it's great to see him being such an inspiration to younger kids.

I'm in the process of pulling together as much of his stuff as possible for an exhibition to coincide with his retrospective at Tate Liverpool this summer, and his output over the years has just been phenomenal.

I keep turning up new things that I didn't know about, from posters, to stamps to calenders to books - and it's all done with such a lightness of touch and sense of fun.

He's a great artist to work with.

surf98/dgeorge said...

Thanks for dropping by artfinder, Peter Blakes work from sgt. pepper to band aid, live aid, live 8 (which I was lucky enough to go to) even more interesting the work exploring the colour white, and the more recent work, had a profound effect on the year 9 students remember they are only 14. They could really relate to his work and enjoyed the way of collecting items and creating situations. It was so good to see them working wanting to emulate (but create their own work) an artist where age meant nothing. The students ended up thinking that Peter Blake was really cool!
I continue to think students are so often correct.