Tuesday, June 26, 2007

logos >> sammy the surf dog

I just thought I would show that even I will design something on a whim, I was just checking out paula the surf mom's site when I saw she had a little competition. to design a logo for the surf report for north carolina's outer banks (usa), written by sammy the surf dog.
well how could I resist and just a short while later I had emailed my freshly designed logo. (macromedia fireworks is a wonderful thing!)

little did I know that not only would it be used for the surf report but also a complete clothing range, and accessory range. (the hoodies look good and the messenger bag is a must have!)


Paula the Surf Mom said...

Sammy is in ultimate capitalist dogs...

Ahhh whats a Surf Mom to do? Pretty soon I guess the twins will be opening a surf shop of their own.

BOBXNC said...

Love the logo. It really does Sammy justice. Here's hopin' he cuts you in on a bit of the profits.
Thanks for stopping by my blog.
Like your site. As Arnold says "i'll be back!"

surf98/dgeorge said...

many thanks for the comment bob, very pleased you like the logo.
I did it 'cos I like the idea of a dog surf forecaster, but as to a cut of the profits well, that’s decided by sammy, and I am happy with that!
I will certainly be checking your blog again.
best wishes, david george

PS looking forward to the surf twins opening their surf shop!