Wednesday, June 27, 2007

gizfolio >> hope the rain stops

for a while now I have wanted to mention gizfolio as I think the their refreshing attitude to design and creativity as well as working creating/finding work for freelance designers & others within realm of new media is worth checking.

perhaps it is a shame that I have cause to mention gizfolio today as I have been watching the news of the floods in the north of the country closely as carols family are from up there. hope you haven't been too badly effected.


Gizfolio said...

yep the rain has stopped finally. Nice to get a mention!

btw I had to tag you for this..

surf98/dgeorge said...

glad the rain has stopped, some friends near barnsley have had both their workshops completely ruined.
however only as it is you I have complied and created my 8 random facts about me.
see post for july 2nd 2007.
david george.