Friday, June 29, 2007

I haven't disapeared >> Dr Who

I haven't disappeared, as all of you will know sometimes things just get too busy. this time it was a positive, had to drive all over last night (picking up a new car, well new to me) didn't get home til very late and was ben's 9th birthday (on friday).

I am amazed at his obsession with the bbc TV program dr who. and he is not alone at all in his peer group. As a child I did watch it and as an adult I have watched a couple of episodes with him and actually fallen asleep much to his disgust.
the products available are scarey and as he is so captivated by the programme friends and relatives have joined in the buying dr who stuff. he now has a dr who lunchbox, as well as dr who cards, a cyberman that is movement activated, as well as a dalek computer game, never mind four different versions of the tardis.
I have to say the merchandising of the programme is incredible, some-one is making a lot of money, just from the amount of stuff ben has!

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