Monday, May 21, 2007

it's back to pencils >> davo

as usual it was a chance message that led me to the blogs / website that I am introducing to you through dgthekneelo today. I really never know what I will be writing about form each day to the next. that is what makes stuff so interesting and fresh.

I knew that I was not crazy when I detailed the things like to always have with me in a blog I wrote a while ago 'found a nice pencil'.

troy worman's blog 'orbit now' was the starting place leading me to pencil revolutions and finally on to dave's mechanical pencils.
now this site is a real work of passion I have to say I spent far too long reading it earlier

nothing to do with the blogs mentioned but check out davo, a new concept is instant blogging that I have started, with the idea that snippets or section of conversations that seem interesting. at the moment it is very early and the only person set up to update is me, but if things work out I would like to open it up to anyone. Have a look and leave your thoughts.


Troy Worman said...

Thanks for the mention. I love the dgthekneelo.

surf98/dgeorge said...

thanks troy, much appreciated.