Tuesday, March 20, 2007

found a nice pencil >> what do you always carry with you?

a few weeks ago my friend davidthedesigner posted on his blog a picture of his favourite pen a 20 year old rotring. at the time I wanted to respond with a picture of a muji pencil (silver, right) that I thought was my favourite, but at the time couldn't find it. in a way I am pleased that I didn't because the fact that I couldn't find meant that I wasn't really using it. it wasn't very comfortable to write with but it looked so good. since then I have found the bic mechanical pencil in the photo (below black/silver) which I have now replaced as my favourite. it is a budget mechanical pencil but it is just so nice to use and it looks good as well.

I got to thinking in this world of technology and digital applications why is it that I still am excited about a cheap mechanical pencil?
I have a pda, and a mobile phone that is with me almost all the time.
I thought about what I always carry with me whether working or not.
I consider the glasses I wear when needed a piece of clothing, as I do my watch (as these are a given rather than considered). I though it would be interesting to find what others cannot be separated from.
I have to add that my real job is that of an ICT & enterprise teacher so I work with computers (& students) all day. with so much of my work automated it would be easy to not write anything by hand.
I could probably have one flash drive with me (as some colleagues do) and still be able to function well in my job, moving between different computers.

the picture (bottom) shows what goes with me everywhere. my filofax (I did use a pda every day for a year or so but I really missed writing on paper), the bic mechanical pencil, a 1GB flash memory drive, for documents and animations, presentations etc, and a 2GB flash memory drive for images and video.
now I realise no matter how much technology I have around me I still want to be able to write with a pencil on paper sometimes. that's why I will alway carry one with me, along with filofax (for me an 80's throwback) and my 'geek sticks'.

what do you carry with you every day?


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Keveth said...

What do I always carry with me? The answer is nothing! Does this make me odd? A wallet is sometimes in my possession, but not always; often I need to borrow money from a friend. I like my mobile phone and music player but only have these with me approximately 50% of the time; I like to be out of contact from the world. A pen! david as you well know I am known for my ability to collect pens from other people but to rarely have one in my possession. When did you last see that pen? I can’t see it on my desk! My keys must be the object I have with me most of all, but these too are often left behind! My favourite possession? A Chilli Red Mini Cooper!

surf98/dgeorge said...

Thanks for the comment mike.
have to say I am terrible about carrying money. It really isn't that I am mean but I rarely ever have any money with me, I wish I could remember sometimes, simply to avoid being embarrassed.
Keys are something most of us don't have a choice about carying. As to you never having a pen thats true, or you have box full!