Thursday, April 23, 2009

facebook oh dear

I am sure if you have ever read any of the blog posts or even published web/magazine articles I have written through the the past years. at some time I will have complained about facebook or the many other social networking web sites there are, even twitter! that I have to say, I use quite a lot, has a real love - hate relationship with my time and thoughts.
any-way in a weak moment a week or so ago I did one of those annoying what kind of * are you? this one happened to be 'writer'. so I filled out the questions answering as honestly as possible, and it turned out that I was 'shakespeare'. yes I know they mean nothing, are a waste of time. realistically all I may have in common with the great bard is the fact I often make spelling mistakes writing in haste.

I was surprised to see that the surfing article I had written the month before for Go2 magazine had a strange connection to shakespeare (corny I know). the title was was added by the editorial team viv and rachel not me!
just in case you might have thought otherwise | I have no influence on the design / type-setting of the magazine. I write 1000 words a month for Go2, which usually goes in with out re-writes or edits. I am am happy with that.

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