Wednesday, October 15, 2008

all about hair?

strange that after watching the british design genius on BBC2  programme. I mentioned to a few people today how much I liked the fact that paul smith's hair had pretty much stayed the same over the years. have to say I have watched the programme a few times and found it a great piece of work.

which then led me to an email conversation I had with a friend over the weekend. he is firmly rooted in the art world (successful too) yet we haven't actual see each other for a while. one of his questions, totally unrelated to the subject of the email conversation was, did I still have a full head of hair? well crazy as it sounds it was important so I emailed the picture above, (my hair as of last saturday). I received a picture back which doesn't need posting simply to say that it was entitled 'egg heads'.

in a world that has so many other things to think about, why do we care? I can't answer that but paul smith (sorry sir paul smith) is still cool.

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