Tuesday, June 24, 2008

orange? balloon race?

well I have to sort of agree with davidthedesigner and his reasons for not being part of the balloon race, it is kind of intrusive. I am also an orange customer, have only ever been with orange. obviously the must have been something that made me choose them, apart form the fact they cover cornwall or at least the apart I live better than other mobile company I was a bit sucked in to the balloon race thing (easily influenced as I was always told at my junior school). it seems to have created a massive amount of web publicity, the fact people are writing about it on blogs all over the place can only make the people at orange very happy.
I have a rare chance of an evening out with carol tonight, so I will have a look again later, perhaps even burst my balloon! to be honest a trip ibiza is not motovation for me I just liked the idea. whether it was an original or not.

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