Friday, June 13, 2008

oh dear it's a few years ago now >>

today I found my self in the strange position of having to be in charge of a group of students covering a physical education lesson, before I knew it I was running a softball game. something that few people (except those with an extra ordinary memory) but in the late 80's & early 90's I actually played baseball as a serious sideline to work, even playing in three consecutive european club championships in nuenen, in the netherlands. so given the opportunity to revisit that time I had to join in. things went well in the first couple of inning playing at short stop I made a couple of OK outs and a double play. so in the 4th I thought I was back into it, until I tried a normal fly ball double I made the catch while of the ground and thought I would make the throw to 2nd before landing only my body had a different idea my legs just gave way, it must have looked like a large oak being felled, anyway nothing was hurt not even my pride really. simply illustrating to me that time is going by. still great fun though.

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