Monday, June 16, 2008

hacky sac >> just a memory for me

probably because there has been so much football on the TV in my house in the last couple of weeks, not just because I do watch (a bit as it is euro 2008 but I prefer rugby) football but not as much as my sons. anyway as this morning for some reason I woke up thinking about hacky sacs. years ago they where popular as a beach or anywhere sort of thing and i had wondered what had happened to them. you can still buy them in a few places in fact I saw a some in a tourist shop in by the beach (at the weekend) and by the way the colours had faded they had been there for a few years. I hunted about a bit and found some pictures. and web sites footbag and lightenup. any way I would like to get one, I had one years ago but lost it.

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