Monday, June 02, 2008

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both my knockabout 'everyday' digital camera (benq) and my sons digital camera (canon) went wrong within a week of each other. both when they needed to work, perhaps his loss of images more important than mine as he took the digital as well as my 35mm nikon film camera to london over the weekend when his canon (only 6 months old) stopped working he thought no worries he would simply use the nikon, but could he find anywhere to buy b&w film in the brick lane area. well no so returned from london with no pictures for his every growing studies. different story for my benq I have used it on trips where it was not too valuable to loose, so it has been on beaches and down rivers and done well, until I suggested that it would be a great camera to take to peru when a colleague was off to trek the inca trail. within a couple of days the benq stopped working! so the trek has gone undocumented, such a shame as the idea of the camera was for it to be easily used (and of course carried). I don't remember having such problems with film cameras but now it is very difficult to buy film at the corner store especially b&w, oh well. the good thing is that other people were there to be able to document through their own photos, so it's lucky for flickr!

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