Monday, May 12, 2008

sunshine & light pollution >>

I have been so aware of the light today, it has been really sunny here as I imagine it has been across most of the UK. I got caught up in the moment thinking about the way natural light (light from the sun) makes things change so much through the day. in the room / space I work in. I am lucky enough to have natural light coming through 6 small domed sections in the roof. apart from making the work space very warm, and making the use of a digital projector more or less unusable on a very sunny day like today. it provides a really good very light area to work. 
at night, or on a dull day it is a different story as the room with the lights on will obviously create light pollution. which is another story that gave me a reason to show these images courtesy of the CPRE. apart from making a great image it shows the amazing concentration of light in certain areas of the country.

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