Thursday, May 15, 2008

pc v mac, interesting?

never mind the usual pc is not as good as mac, and all that stuff. I had a very interesting conversation with a parent of a student I teach today. her husband is a designer and his computer of choice is a mac, so their home computers are macs. nothing strange there. however both the mother and daughter are dyslexic and haven't really got on with computers that well until now. one of the courses I teach is all pc based, using for the most part microsoft based stuff as well as a bit of (adobe macromedia studio) dreamweaver fireworks flash, etc. nothing that complex. since the daughter started working on a pc with my classes she has found the whole operation system (XP) and software more intuitive (her words) and the family have bought a pc laptop for both mother and daughter to use at home. I have to say that I was very surprised to be told this today as I am constantly working between the two systems and genuinely find mac based software & operating system(OS X) much more logical.

I know more software is written for the pc, so there would be likely for there to be something amongst all the available stuff around that could make it easier for pc users. but when I suggested this I was told it's not any particular software just the way the operation system works, interesting?

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