Thursday, May 29, 2008

back to bouldering

many years ago I was lucky enough to be able to learn the basics of rock climbing. as a pupil at school we were able to take advantage of the schools climbing wall. in the 1970's it was rare in all honesty it probably still is. around that time I also spent some time climbing the limestone cliffs on the north somerset coast. brean down was a special climbing challenge. remember that it was a long time ago. any way in the last few years I have been drawn back to climbing in a slightly different way after a few french trips I planned to go bouldering more. but after big problems with my shoulder over the last couple of years and other excuses (I mean injuries). I am not saying that surfing is easier as I have been able to still surf, just I don't have to hold my now weighty frame on one hand and shoulder while in the water. I have decided that in the next few months I want to try to get back some fitness and go bouldering again. after a little look I found this film though not technically bouldering as it is over 10 metres high and a rope is being used. it looks hard as well as good fun.

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