Thursday, April 03, 2008

its back to roads and signs again>> must be spring

this is taken from the guardian yesterday, full text.

Too many road signs could be making driving more dangerous, according to a new study. Psychologists said that the amount of advertising and signage typically present in a city centre could be pushing up the number of accidents. (Alok Jha)

I have mentioned before in this blog about the way some signs can sometimes be not just difficult to see and read but they don't look good as well. I realise that safety is second to aesthetics but shouldn't they follow each other? over the last few days I have driven many miles in and around the south west. as usual it seems that the yearly road works in the west country (cornwall) where I live have come back with some incredibly difficult signs understand. especially singnal s for a contraflow and the many often over use of cones and confusing directional arrows.

taken from the british driving theory test

I am in no way suggesting that signs shouldn't be used but feel that there has to be a better way, most of the signs were designed (I realise that they are constantly revised) in a time when there were fewer cars on the road and far less congestion and most cars weren't as powerful (or had the acceleration).

I am a simple observer rather than a militant anti- sign campaigner I just think we could do it so much better and still use signs.

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