Wednesday, April 02, 2008

funny how being not that busy is stopping me blog

it is strange that on the days when I have more freedom as far as not working to the usual timetable of my academic life (as I am still on easter holiday) I am finding less time to get to this machine to post stuff.

it is not that I have nothing new to say, last weeks trip to bristol ikea could fill many pages, we have decided not to move but to put all our energy into making our home fit for purpose. so two wardrobes, a nice small steel filing cabinet (for me) a new work desk for luca as well as three sets of book shelves, and a strange bed canopy thing that ben wanted were bought not to mention a whole heap of other stuff that should/will make a massive difference to our home. however a broken windscreen of my land rover, luckily caused by me (not luca or carol) pushing a flat packed wardrobe too hard to get all the stuff in the truck. combined with me getting hot and bothered at driving from cornwall to bristol and back and then having to ask some-one else to collect our stuff on their way from yorkshire, made it more of a 'everything has gone wrong' road trip. this is the concise story.
suffice to say the windscreen has now been replaced (more expense, luckily my insurance covered the bulk of it), but there was nothing wrong with the old one till I broke it.

I have spent too much time in the last few days searching for a cheap ibook/powerbook for a training project of mine, it is amazing how frustrating it is trying to buy a used mac at reasonable price seems their price is more stable than house prices or gold, never mind the £, oh well back to e-bay then!

I really know that there are much bigger problems in the world and I do not intend to feel sorry for the very lucky position I am.

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