Monday, March 03, 2008

a rare putt, while in the city computer shopping

the weather was cold but very sunny & bright this past weekend.
tempted in to the city (carol successfully got the new laptop she wanted). we parked up at the hoe, close enough to walk into the shopping areas, but also a nice place to enjoy the size of the sky.
I love sunshine and the light especially when the sun is low in the sky, perhaps too much as my eyes are suffering from being in the sun a bit too much over the years as (well as age).

while we were walking back to the car we noticed I new addition as far as I am aware to the greenness of the hoe a putting green. I am a great golf fan but I like playing at it , (well pitch and putt). so we decided to have a go 18 greens later the sun was going down and the freshly made coffee was calling from the cafe, a really enjoyable time hour or so.

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richy said...

hi sir

yes its richard the guy that never does work in class

i must say i really love reading your blogs

keep it up