Tuesday, March 04, 2008

do computers stop creatvity?

I am often involved in conversations with colleagues in education when I find myself as someone who uses, teaches and even spends time (probably too much) using computers of some sort at home as well having to justify the positive aspects of web based media, digital applications and the rest.

however, I am also of the belief that good design or a good idea will be able to stand without much help from mr gates or mr jobs & all. no matter how much software or how cool the pc or imac looks it will not make a bad design better. I have mentioned this before on this blog and I am sure will again. but it seems still that many fellow professionals still think that having the best software and the fastest processor will make students learn more and even make their ideas better.

so much of the work I am involved in is teaching applications and so much of that process seems to teach out the creativity that everyone I believe is born with. don't misunderstand me I am in no way wishing for time to go back or that I am anti-digital applications. just simply that their use should be monitored and encouraged when appropriate. it is all too easy for the software to take over the think and the design process. I think that planning is key the design/creative process is best when the initial thinking is not constrained by what a piece of computer software can do. more that once the thinking and design ideas are established it is time to make use of the machines whatever they maybe.

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