Friday, February 01, 2008

conference >> stayed longer than usual

well it is unusual that I actually choose to stay longer than I have to at a meeting especially when it is a friday and I have to drive over the moor to get home in cold icy/snowy conditions. but strangely this time I stayed a bit longer (not because I had bought a ticket in the raffle I didn't, they had sold all the tickets; have to say it is a great way to stop people sneaking off early). but I was actually very interested in what was being discussed.

in my real work (the stuff that pays me) which this was part of. I have to really think sometimes whether things are actually worth doing. is the amount of work needed to get something done worth the trouble (after all I could simply bumble along) .
today I saw/listened to things that both inspired me as well as made me realise that what I can do is/can be important. even make learning and a students educational experience better. it takes days away from staring stuff in the face to realise this. unfortunately I don't think I get enough or make enough time for me to do this. so I have made a promise to myself to take a step back as much as possible in order to make sure that I don't loose myself in the day to day nonsense of tiny detail without realising the importance of the bigger picture. not that detail isn't important it is something to come back to at a projects conclusion.

sorry for an uninteresting post but hopefully the fruits will be here to see in the coming weeks and months, as I get back to what I know.

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