Thursday, January 31, 2008

tomorrow >> porth

this is a picture of the view from where I will be tomorrow, no not on a surf trip but at conference/meeting for work and the forecast is for cold NW winds with snow showers across bodmin moor which I will be driving over.
so I will be taking a sleeping bag (rather than surfing stuff) in case I get stuck. strange you might think; but cornwall seems to stop for snow as it is so rare. strong winds, rain, floods are all normal but a few flakes of snow and the place seems to stop.
perhaps because there is only a few gritting lorries and the last major snow fall saw two of the local lorries collide blocking a major local road for most of the day. oh well hope for a good day.


Footsteps said...

Lovely photo... Ohio can be so grey in the winter; I'm missing the sunshine. When it sparkles on water, all the better!

surf98/dgeorge said...

we had 3 or so hours like this until the grey rain and sleet came in off the sea.