Monday, January 28, 2008

to design stuff >> or just come back to what you know?

it has been a while since I really had to think hard about a new design related exam for students. I have been looking at course to run with the education situation of my 'real life' within a product design situation. so was very pleased to find that the way certainly OCR 'A level' & OCR 'GCSE' are thinking is more in line with the way the design & technology of the 2000's is moving. (or perhaps it is just my opinion)

as so many people keep saying much of the work current pupils & students will be doing does not exist yet. so how can we plan for them never mind teach them.

the more design based curriculum of some is actually starting to address the fact that design and designers in whatever discipline play a continually important part of what ever the future has to bring. creativity is something that is part of the human rather than computer input and it seems that exam boards have realised that now. it just needs the education system to make sure we can deliver what the current generation need, in my view a fresh look at being able to consider as well as dream using the progress in technology to be creative.

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