Tuesday, January 29, 2008

mark everett >> parallel worlds, parallel lives >> susans house

after missing the first showing november (07) I managed to get to watch a re-run of the parallel worlds, parallel lives (BBC 4) last night and then again just now on BBC i-player (only available to watch for the next 5 days and very well worth it).
I found it extra-ordinarily interesting. I am still trying to get my head round it but I am enjoying the thought process. it also gave me an added reason to put up this great eels song.

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Geoffrey Thomas said...

Geoffrey Thomas

Fan of the first session of the TV series the sliders.

I was inspired by the series to duplicate Quinn Malay’s antigravity experiment in my room so I could take a friend woth me exporing parallel universes.

As I did my homwork I gradually realized wormholes apeaed could only be created in the centre of black holes not by an artificial one created by an antigravity experiment in a loacal student's basement here on earth.

However all I got for my troubles is a lot of notes on time travel and parallel universes. The notes I’d collected posted to on my blog called Time travel and parallel universe .blogspot.com explores the physics and philosphy including much wormholes muchless time travel should not be possible.


First session fan of the sliders

Geoffrey Thomas