Tuesday, November 06, 2007

television >> art school

a long time ago in fact when I was completing sorry starting a foundation studies course in art & design, before going on to do a degree. I listened to the song marquee moon and album of the same name by the band television three or four times a week especially when I was working on my drawing, when I would just put it on repeat.

I have such good memories of the time and it was underlined tonight when I went in to my son luca's room to hear him listening to the same song whilst he was working on his drawing (he is currently studying for 'A' levels at college, art being one of them).

the song is so good it stands against anything from the same time even perhaps gets better with age. it is strange though how history has this habit of repeating its self.

this film is from a more recent concert (live in central park ny) . the original song is from 1977, yes I am that old! & it is only the first 3 minutes 23 seconds the original lasts 10 minutes 40 seconds.

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